Case Studies

Since 2002, we have successfully deployed web technology solutions to help accomplish the online goals of over 240 businesses.  The following are just a few of our most recent clients.
  • Three Designing Women: Stylish and practical, they create custom stamps and contemporary designer stationery.  We helped them eliminate the possibility of data entry errors on order transcription.  Learn how we created an order feed that works.
  • Homeland Healthcare: Healthcare is on the tips of everyone’s tongue these days.  We helped our client, a mini-med insurance provider, who was swamped by customer service requests for simple claim status updates, to create a secure system enabling doctors and patients to check the status of claims online. Learn how we gave their phones a rest.
  • California Business Furnishings: Our client is representative of the most exclusive European home and office designers  They needed a way to bring the intimacy of the showroom to the forefront of the web without crowding their customers.  Learn how we created a furniture catalog SEO.