Furniture Catalog SEO

Exclusivity. Spread the Word.

How do you show your local showroom to the entire world? This was the challenge our client faced. They needed to showcase the very latest in high end furniture designs from an array of international designers to their target market diffusely spread all over the world. Our client needed to develop an accessible, online presence and ensure their site is prominently displayed in search engine results regardless of where the searcher is from; this is where we came in.

Furniture Library, Customer Tools, and Search

We developed a library which our client uses to highlight all their chic product types from lighting and seating, to beds and cabinetry. We also integrated a product inquiry contact form to facilitate requests for additional product information. Once this infrastructure was in place, we designed a search engine marketing campaign to ensure that our client was prominent in their customers’ searches.

Our client’s web site now appears at the top of web searches for every designer they carry. Their site often appears just beneath the designer’s site itself!