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We’ve already Eliminated 2,011,870 Chances for our Client to Waste money on Quality Errors (and Counting).

—During this past year, and especially over the holiday season in 2007, retail channel partners and end-customers of Three Designing Women of Dallas all noticed and enjoyed dramatic improvements in quality, speed, and ease of ordering. The story of Metroplex Web Technologies’ role in these major improvements follows.

Our client’s manufacturing business revolved around a vast majority of sales from custom items. Each of these was a beautiful, designer, rubber stamp with an individual’s name, address, and other specific information on it. Each one was manufactured uniquely for every end customer. To complicate matters further, their marketing model is built entirely around retailers at the point of sale interacting with the customer. Of course, this created numerous chances for variations between what the end customer wanted on a stamp and what was ultimately manufactured. The accuracy of every single letter, space, punctuation, and number spelled the difference between a perfect product and a worthless quality error write-off.

Ultimately, the cost liability of these quality errors would fall upon the manufacturer (our client), the retailer, or the end customer. In any case, to successfully provide the item, it had to be re-manufactured until it was perfect – and nobody (customer, retailer, or manufacturer) was especially thrilled when this happened!

—Through great processes and cleverly created paper order forms, Three Designing Women had managed to keep order rates fairly low for their industry. However, the error rate was still significantly above our client’s preferred standards for excellence until they began working with Metroplex Web Technologies on their biggest problems in mid-2007.

The next major consideration in our client’s business was the upcoming 2007 holiday rush. During this time frame, order volume would surge to up to TEN TIMES the off-peak volume.Every ache and pain in the order fulfillment process that had been experienced during business as usual was about to be amplified exponentially, and our client knew it. Now they just needed to have an excellent web technology company come in and help them where, and when, it counted most.  We were there!