Giving the Phone a Rest

Our client received literally hundreds of calls per day in their call center about updates on insurance policy claims, which had to be researched from a series of spreadsheets. To grow, they needed to overcome this service bottleneck to offer their insurance products to a greater numbers of customers without increasing their costs. They needed a way to empower their customers to be able to research this information for themselves.

Useful Information at Customers’ Fingertips

We designed an online claims information system for our client. This system allows customer service to look up claims quickly and efficiently for qualified individuals or organizations calling in. It also allows actual customers and their health professionals to match specific member information to health care providers to lookup the status of claims.

Marked Improvements, Inside and Out

Customer service morale and quality increased dramatically as a result of putting these tools into qualified hands. By helping our client increase their customers’ options, overall call volume decreased while customer satisfaction increased.