Our Company

We Built Ourselves from the Ground Up to Serve Your Company

We formed this company over eight years ago with the simple goal of creating excellent results for excellent companies. As time has gone on, our team of web developers, web designers, & business experts has grown to include 4 essential and capable members. Today we offer a complete line of web services geared to your business requirements. We are devoted to meeting your needs throughout this web site creation process, and long after launch.

Rahlus Morsi
Project Manager & Customer Support

Rahlus joined the company as well as the web industry in 2005.  He has managed every major customer project at our company since.  Along the way he has learned enough about web programming, graphics, and editing to be an extremely useful first line of service for our customers.

Mike Randrup
Web Programmer & QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

Mike handles most PHP/MySQL programming, and most design. He handles multimedia and interactive projects as well. Mike was studying computer science at CSU Fresno at age 14, and had grown his first company to over a dozen employees by the age of 19.

Steve McCoy
Native Mobile Device Programmer (iPhone, iPad)

Steve joined us in 2010 to develop native iPhone and iPad applications for both internal and client projects.  His background was originally in Visual Basic, and he has written many useful utility programs for Windows over the years.

MJ Olsen,
SEO Copywriter and Office Assistant

MJ does the essential work of SEO copy writing, and helping us keep production running smoothly around the office.