Customer Data Bridge

A Customer Data Bridge is any system where information is collected, reported, or exported from any online source.  Having one can help ensure that customer contact information and other data is at your fingertips whenever and however you need it.

With an effectively designed system, you can realize better sales, better sales management, and data that is actually useful.

Integrating your website with an existing or new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is easily accommodated.  Website contact forms can feed directly into CRM.  With the elimination of unnecessary data entry, you’ll have lead data available faster so the sales process can begin quickly.

We’re proud to list some examples of successfully completed Customer Data Bridges:

  • Full Customer & Order Histories (for  customers and their orders are automatically saved in back end databases, remaining available for reporting at a moment’s notice.
  • SalesForce Integration (for  visitors interested in USNow’s mini-medical insurance products now complete a contact form on the website.  The form submits all the potential customer’s details into USNow’s robust SalesForce CRM software.
  • Detailed Newsletter Info (for ‘smart’ newsletter substitutes key phrases within a newsletter to intelligently personalize the newsletter’s statements for each customer based upon his or her individual circumstance.  (e.g., active vs dormant customer, high-volume vs low-volume sales, geographic location, etc.)
  • Website Database to Excel (for  organizations apply to be a member of the association.  The corporate and branch details what the applicant enters into the form which is saved to a database back end.  At any time, ESCA’s adminstration can export a copy of all members and their locations into a convenient format viewable in any major spreadsheet program.
  • Syncing of QuickBooks customer list (for ThreeDesigningWomen):  a system where any retailer in good standing (and only those in good standing) in the offline QuickBooks system can access the exclusive online retail ordering form.
  • Event & RSVP system (for United Way Dallas CFC,  participating agencies can peruse the training calendar available at the CFC website, and submit registration RSVPs.  These RSVPs are automatically saved to a back end database.  At any time the site administrator wishes, he or she may export the RSVP details for any event into a convenient format viewable in any major spreadsheet program.

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