Search Engine Optimization Services

Booster Rockets provide most of the lift when a space shuttle launches.  In that same spirit, these plans are designed to make sure you are well off the search engine ground after launching your site.  Regardless of who built your website, improvements can nearly always be made to increase your site’s exposure on the web.

Search results are split into two main types:

  1. organic search results, and
  2. paid (aka sponsored) results.

Organic search results are those whose placement in the list is the result of the search engine’s evaluation of the website’s content and reputation.  It can take a long time to develop the optimal site content, and garner sufficient reputable inbound links to affect your site’s ranking in organic search results.  Organizations who serve niche customers, or otherwise have little competition in their industries, can expect to have an easier time affecting their organic search rankings.  As that’s not the case for many industries, many organizations find it effective to pay search engines or websites to link to their website.

Organic Optimization

  • Site Optimization – Adjusting aspects of your site to put your best online foot forward, and ensure that search engines can access the important details
  • Keyword Selection – Ensuring that your site’s content speaks using your customer’s language, that way they can find you using search
  • Search Engine Rank Monitoring – Ensuring that gains made in search engine ranking are recognized and that losses are corrected for
  • Google Analytics – Tracking your customers as they arrive, learning where they came from, and how long they stayed is just some of the information available.
  • Landing Page – A specially designed and written page in your site, whose sole job is to attract a specific customer of yours and direct them to the part of your site that fills their needs.
  • Local Search Profiles – for and

Aggressive Marketing

  • Online Ads – from ubiquitous Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture to local directory services, online advertisement options abound
  • Link Acquisitions – Partnering with reputable web sites to link to your site, giving your site additional reputation in the eyes of search engines

We will work with you to fully analyze your industry and your customer’s search habits to arrive at an effective strategy for raising you and your website above the throng.

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