Microbes VS Humans

“Microbes VS Humans” is a mobile simulation game for Android & Apple phones.  It was originally released on iOS in August 2018, and premiered on Android in October 2018.

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Please write to MicrobeSupport@MikeRandrup.com for any issues and feedback.  Thank you for playing!

About Microbes VS Humans

Infect, evolve, and exterminate. Can you take down Earth’s dominant species of humanity?

You are the worst strain of microbe in history. Starting with a modest infection in a random region of Earth, you use unlimited evolution powers to infect every human. You’d better be fast, because the humans are racing against you to find a cure and kill you.

The clock ticks down quickly giving you a short run (around 60-90 seconds) each game to infect all humans and wipe them out. Nothing pauses humanity’s efforts to cure you, so work quickly in the evolution and region detail screens to win.

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