These are not just custom designed sites; they’re also examples of custom programming designed to gather, store, or disseminate information for our customer.  In order, from top left:

Civic Jungle Mobile My-EJournal Las Colinas Symphony OrchestraAEC MinolochiViva Architectural Hardware

Other Projects

Three Designing Women is a highly successful, innovative manufacturer of customizable, self-inking stamps for the retail sales market.
The Need: Three Designing Women contacted us with a request for a multiple-phased approach to make better use of their web presence. They needed an easy-to use process for order entry by retail customers that would address each of the many custom options they offer.  A powerful way to manage the majority of their total annual sales was critically needed.  However, that was only the beginning of a multi-faceted campaign to support the Three Designing Women brand and position the business as the premier creator of innovative custom rubber stamps.  The Solution: Metroplex Web Technologies has created a comprehensive system that works behind the scenes to provide much more than online order processing. This dynamic new system provides a reduction in variable manufacturing costs, dramatically lowers the internal order entry error rate, and provides a much faster order initialization process. In short, the critical need for more accuracy, and shorter turn around times has been met. The Results: Three Designing Women is a company that is scaling up for ever increasing sales volumes, with far fewer headaches, and more exciting features still to come!

Founded in 1888, American Excelsior Company is the oldest company in their industry. AEC got its start producing wood excelsior, (stranded wood fibers manufactured from Aspen trees) a natural, renewable resource that is still manufactured by the company today. Their commitment to excellence and changing with the times again and again in order to manufacture and market the best and latest products for each decade continues today.
The Need: American Excelsior felt that their site did not reflect their history or products. A fresh new look and direction was needed and we were asked to help redesign their website. The Solution: Metroplex Web Technologies combined American Excelsior’s three major product lines into one completely branded unit that still preserves the identity of each brand. The Results: The site is clearly branded as American Excelsior. Yet, each of their main product types (Flexible Foam, Erosion Control, and Wood Fiber) have their own unique presence on Multiple websites now have one comprehensive home, and their products and services are much easier to access. American Excelsior has once again found the way to change with the times.

California Business Furnishings, based out of Fresno, California contracts to build business furnishings for a variety of industries: College & Universities; Healthcare; Government; Faith; Science & Technology; Corporations; Financial and Legal.
The Need: Potential customers to their former website were not getting the full picture of the excellence that CBF has delivered for over 20 years.  Customers were not able to grasp the value and uniqueness of CBF and this undoubtedly was resulting in lost sales.  CBF contacted us to help them in redesigning and rebuilding their website to represent the quality of the company and the brilliance of their business furnishing designs.  The Solution in Development: It was critical to CBF that their potential customers understand the deep value of their organized design, service and process.  The version of their site we launched this month is merely a preview for the full effort yet to be unveiled.

An organization with hundreds of members, the Exhibition Services and Contractors Association, or ESCA, has a huge influence in the exhibition, meeting and special events industries.
The Need: ESCA’s leadership chose our local Dallas web design firm to roll out powerful new features on their site. An updated look, with features such as an online membership directory and event registration, was needed to serve their membership with a high level of professionalism. The Solution: Metroplex Web Technologies provided improved, user-friendly, education and information exchange components. Value-added features like a smart, interactive member directory, and the ability to take surveys online were also added.  The Result: ESCA’s membership is now enjoying the advanced functionality of their new site.

Homeland HealthCare is a national company dedicated to controlling employers’ costs in healthcare benefit programs, benefit communication, and administration.  HHC already had an impressively flexible array of affordable health benefit products suited for large groups of employees and even individuals.
The Need: For their operations side, they already had a series of electronic backend systems.  The last missing piece was a strong, brand-supporting marketing site so the public could learn what they provided.  The Solution: During the course of developing this project we were able to have fun exploring the potential for their unique branding style, and helped them recruit new brokers to represent their innovative health care benefits plans. The Results: A site that gives a strong web presence for marketing and supporting their company .

Everyone at Hearing Aid Express is passionate about helping people hear better! Their no-nonsense approach to doing business has led them to offer the best in hearing aid products and services at more affordable prices, with an unparalleled one-stop shopping experience.
The Need: Hearing Aid Express recently expressed to us their interest in creating a new website that was up to the standards of their nine-location operation. Their goal was to transform each visitor, through a friendly and interactive process, into a person who is, instead, well informed. The Solution: We worked hand-in-hand with Hearing Aid Express to create the experience required to demonstrate to every visitor that they are indeed in the right place to have all their needs met.  The Results: A fresh, modern look combined with intuitive navigation tools has resulted in a website that artfully assists Hearing Aid Express in meeting their exceptionally high business standards.  Today, Metroplex Web Technologies continues to work on a complex search engine optimization campaign to get their brand in front of as many Texas customers as possible.

Founded in 1991, the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra has an outstanding history.  One of the largest arts groups in Irving, TX, they are on a mission to enhance the quality of life in their community. Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra’s cultural enrichment and education programs reach over 10,000 community members from various walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. Their eight performance season is presented in the stunning Carpenter Performance Hall at the Irving Arts Center.
The Need: Recently the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra came to us with a request. It was time to say “we’re artistic, we’re fun, and we’re entertaining” to their internet audience, while adding services to keep both their professional and youth orchestra members well informed. The Solution: A collaborative process ensued that led to a new look and many useful features.  The Results: A dramatic new site with features like performance excerpts available on the site, online donations and ticket sales. Ultimately, Metroplex Web Technologies customized sister sites for Symphony Arlington and the Garland Symphony Orchestra. Each of the three sites now has its own look, but all are included in a suite of customized content management tools that allow synchronous updates for genuine ease of management. Working together, we’ve created a bridge to the future.

Lumenate, the leading technology consulting firm in the South-Central US, specializes in Storage and Business Continuity.
The Need: Their impressive growth over the past two years had left them with a website that was simply not congruent with their past accomplishments, or where they are headed. Lumenate contacted us with a clear vision of the content and structure they desired for their new website; and a need to turn it all into a platform that would accurately represent their image and credibility. The Solution: Our two companies embarked upon the journey that discovered exactly how Lumenate’s new site should represent their expertise and experience to the world. The Results: Lumenate is now reaping the benefits of a transformed appearance combined with all the tools required to convincingly tell their story, and serve their constituency with excellence.  They also enjoy enhanced internal collaboration through a custom-created web-based intranet platform we provided.

The Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a business school on the campus of California State University at Fresno. Working continuously with leading central California business leaders, many of whom are on the advisory board for The Lyles Center, this organization educates and ignites the imagination of entrepreneurs everywhere.
The Need: With an existing content base of archived newsletters, articles, white papers, and years of student projects, the need for a well organized site to present this information and to ensure its accessibility and updatability throughout the future was critical. The Solution: Content management was key to every aspect of this project, and Metroplex Web Design’s custom written systems were created and deployed to allow the leaders of The Lyles Center to communicate their message and create a valuable information resource for the business community. Since The Lyles Center and related organizations coordinate valuable lecturers and training offerings, an event calendar complete with features to register and pay for admission was developed for this project. The Results: The Lyles Center provides an education centered message and a favorite feature, the recommended reading list. This custom feature created by Metroplex Web Technologies, coordinates with’s affiliate program to provide books for purchase through The Lyles Center web site. The innovative admin tools we created allow The Lyles Center to simply search for a book to include in the site. A couple of clicks later, it is displayed on the reading list page, ready for purchase and fully coordinated with Overall, the admin tools on this project were very sophisticated to allow The Lyles Center the necessary control over the site. Visual design was created by Bertz-Rosa Design of Fresno.

RAM Global is a perfect example of the social networking power of the high-level job recruiter. These two seasoned recruitment industry veterans turned entrepreneurs, had every advantage in their corner as they tapped their own brilliant skills on the phone and the brilliant skills of the jobseekers spanning multiple industries. Within no time at all, their fresh company was gaining ground on established recruitment firms that suffered from less passionate and imaginative leadership.
The Need: When they came to this local Dallas web design firm, they were ready to take their company to the next level by creating an effective website to promote the strong and lasting connections they offered to everyone that surrounded them. The Results: With a little imagination, and a bit of elbow grease, we worked together to create a site that positioned their company as a smart choice great people can make to find their path to great jobs with great companies.

Survalent Technology is an international company that provides automated solutions to Electric Utilities, Oil/Gas Pipeline Management, Water/Wastewater Utilities, Transportation Systems, and other related operation industries.
The Need: Survalent approached us because they wanted their website to be updated with a more high-tech look.  They wanted to implement a new technology that makes for easy communicating with their major customers around the world. The Solution: The User Support Center, complete with a searchable troubleshooter and knowledge base section was created for them utilizing the high tech features they requested.  Having a built-in content management tool makes it simple for their in-house team to maintain.  Also implemented was an upcoming events calendar with complete up-to-the-minute information on upcoming conferences and events that Survalent will be participating in. The Results: The finalized website is overflowing with fresh new innovative graphics and design work and enables Survalent to connect easily with their worldwide customers.

US Now offers a timely and valuable alternative to Major Medical Health Insurance in a rapidly growing segment of the insurance industry. At a time when health care insurance costs are reaching all-time highs, they have developed innovative coverage products that are accessible to vastly more workers in the United States than traditional major medical coverage.
The Need: Having outsourced their prior attempt at a web site to Eastern Europe, and receiving results that were not commensurate with the quality of their enterprise, they were ready to be represented on the Web with the quality and professionalism their customers and partners needed to see. The Solution: With a large volume of technical information related to their innovative insurance products, Metroplex Web Technologies worked with US Now to organize the information in a form that was widely accessible to the segments of their audience. The Results: Innovative and original graphic design elements, such as custom 3-D animation built into eye-catching flash movies customized their site for their primary audiences while conveying their own originality and attention to quality.

Established in 1972, Viva Architectural Hardware is a second generation family owned business with an exceptionally global sophistication. Their stylish contemporary product lines grace beautiful buildings across the United States and beyond.
The Need: Viva recognized that it was time for an updated website that truly represented both their growth and the breadth and caliber of products they currently offer. The Solution: Viva chose our local Dallas web design firm, and we worked in cooperation to develop a fresh look that kept Viva’s branding intact. The Results: Together, we created a detailed product display system and a new gallery that shows off Viva’s beautiful products and installations. These features have combined to demonstrate the scope and quality that are available at the Viva Architectural Hardware of today.

Watson & Chalin was founded in 1984 with the intent of revolutionizing technology for the commercial freight and trucking industries. Their successes have led to international markets for their wide variety of truck and trailer suspension systems.
The Need: Early in 2006, Watson & Chalin needed a multi-phase approach to the development and management of their company’s Internet representation. The Solution: At that time we created a fresh new look, a dynamic new product information system, and extensive support features for their customers. Watson & Chalin’s next phase of development required a further updated look that included the addition of a 3D Product Animation and a Featured Product Slideshow. The Results: Metroplex Web Technologies created some dynamic interactive features that includes a new Parts Section, and a Product Configurator to help Watson & Chalin’s customers easily locate part numbers. All of these exciting upgrades were accomplished while leaving Watson & Chalin’s site online and all their content in place and serving their customers. Yet another reason for our valued client’s continuing success.

Toga Exploration , Inc. is a private energy company that was founded by a group of individuals and companies with many years of oil and gas experience.
The Need: Toga had an urgent need for a website they could use to keep their investors continuously updated on individual oil and gas exploration projects. Time constraints meant that managing these project updates had to be easy, flexible, and virtually unlimited. Toga also had a need for a real time communication tool that would facilitate collaboration among all team members who were likely to be spread over wide geographical areas.  The Solution: We worked with Toga through the entire discovery process to arrive at an extremely useful, coordinated result that has dramatically eased their customer communication challenges. At the same time, through a collaborative effort, Toga’s animated character “Gusher” came to life.  The Results: Toga’s new website is a strong statement about how expertise, excellent delivery of complex information, and good business practices can be presented with friendliness and humor.  Gusher cheerfully leads visitors and investors through the entire site creating an experience that is both inviting and memorable. A successful new image and powerful new communication tools for Toga!

FranFund, a unique consulting and service firm in Carrollton, TX, specializes in providing funding solutions to the franchise industry. In fact, FranFund is the franchising industry’s only “Total Funding Solutions Provider”.
The Need: Business is Booming, and FranFund needed a better way to organize communication with clients and staff via their website. An added opportunity for FranFund was their inclusion in a Franchise Funding article in the January 2007 issue of Entrepreneur magazine. It was important that their new Multi-step Customer Interview and Job Management Systems be in place before the influx of contacts they knew that article would generate. The Solution & Results: We worked with FranFund to create the sleek look and new client and business management tools that are providing FranFund the structure to both enjoy and efficiently manage their present and future growth.