Mobile Applications for iPhone and Android

Enable your customers to interact with your organization via their mobile communication tools.

Because professionals often work away from the office, mobile computing has exploded.  Contributing to this explosion is the use of smart phones like the iPhone, which we support thoroughly.

We have been a member of Apple’s official iPhone developer’s program since April of 2008, and a member of Android Developer program since June 2010.  We focus on web-based applications so your customers can access your website while they’re away from their office and can benefit from a solution based on this technology.

Here are a couple of our more recent mobile applications:

  1. Recently we unveiled an expansion to a secure online journal service called  The expansion involved re-designing the journal interface from scratch to fit and make sense within the iPhone’s touchscreen context.  Now through, journalists and diary-keepers can update their journals easily and securely any time they feel inspired.
  2. Need an  appointment scheduling system whereby customers can make their own appointments based on a calendar that shows what times are available?  We developed one such system for hair salon customers who can make their own appointments without speaking with the stylist or a receptionist.  Customers access the stylist’s online calendar to select available time slots, mark the service requested, and submit the details to the calendar.  This reserves the time slot for that customer, and notifies the stylist of their appointment via email and text message.  We’re currently working on an expansion to the system allowing the stylist to manage their schedule directly from the iPhone by tying into its native calendar program.

We also support Outlook-compatible event syncing, and SMTP (i.e., outbound) email from mobile phones.

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