Team Collaboration Platform by Google Apps

Whether your team members are a world apart, or just down the hall, they can seamlessly work together on the same documents, spreadsheets, emails, and schedules using a single centralized Team Collaboration Platform.  This is possible because all the files they need are stored in the ‘cloud’, and are accessible from any authorized computer with a web connection.

The cloud is an abstraction of inter-networked servers that are always-on and always-connected to the web. These servers are offered by third party organizations offering access to the storage and computing power of their server network.  As the cloud is on the Web, it is accessible to any computer with web access.  As more employers engage their employees to work remotely from the office, or telecommute, they find having a centrally accessible file system quickly becoming a business necessity.

For their part, offers centralized access to email, scheduling, and a documents library.

  • Email: One of the longest established features of the Team Collaboration Platform is the centralized email system provided by Google.  It’s backed by unparalleled spam control, excellent support for multiple desktop computer and mobile email programs, plus easy web-based access.   The expansive email system has virtually limitless and reasonably priced storage space.  When setting this up, you can choose to fully download email messages to each user’s computer, or to keep the messages in your Collaboration Platform cloud (i.e., POP3 or IMAP).
  • Scheduling: The scheduling calendar allows employees and organizers to coordinate available time.  With the centralized calendar for people, events, and shared resources organizers may never be caught unaware again.  These calendars can be private or made public to the Web.  Great mobile capability is provided for viewing, adding, editing, and even deleting items on your calendars.
  • Shared Documents: The platform that made Microsoft take notice, Google Documents represents much of the power of Office accessible on the Web for a fraction of the cost.  While Google Documents may not ultimately replace MS Office, its greatest strength is as a centralized document library in the cloud. With centralized online access to every document in your company, any authorized personnel can upload documentation, even in Microsoft formats, which others (with appropriate authorization) can edit using web-based software; no license of MS Office is required.  Detailed security options are available.

It is a smooth process for you and your organization when you allow us to set up your Team Collaboration Tool. And when the change is done your Google Apps account will be set up with the settings you prefer and according to industry best practices.

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